Aluminium Phosphide

What is Aluminium Phosphide?

Aluminium phosphide is a highly toxic inorganic compound with the chemical formula AlP used as a wideband gap semiconductor and a fumigant.

AlP is classified as a rodenticide, insecticide, and fumigant for stored cereal grains. It is used to kill small verminous mammals such as moles and rodents. AlP is used as both a fumigant and an oral pesticide. As a rodenticide, aluminium phosphide pellets are provided as a mixture with food for consumption by the rodents.

It is used as a fumigant when other pesticide applications are impractical and when structures and installations are being treated, such as in ships, aircraft, and grain silos. All of these structures can be effectively sealed or enclosed in a gastight membrane, thereby containing and concentrating the phosphine fumes.

Products Type:


56% minimum ALP



56% minimum ALP


1 Kg (3 grams tablets of ALP 56% minimum)


10 grams / 34 grams