What is Chloropicrin?

Chloropicrin has been used as an insecticide since 1917 and as a soil fumigant since 1920. The primary use today is for pre-plant soil fumigation to control soil borne fungi, diseases and nematodes.

For soil fumigation and wood treatment, Chloropicrin is packaged in DOT 4BW240 steel cylinders and bulk tanks, which may be pressurized. When used as a warning agent for methyl bromide, Chloropicrin is packaged along with the methyl bromide in steel cylinders. When used as a structural fumigation-warning agent for sulfuric fluoride, Chloropicrin is packaged in small plastic bottles in DOT approved over packs.

Chloropicrin has a moderate vapor pressure (18.3 mmHg at 20 degrees C) and exists as a liquid at room temperature. Chloropicrin/methyl bromide mixtures will volatilize readily upon opening of the cylinder valve.

Product Packaging:


100 Kg