Methyl Bromide

What Is Methyl Bromide?

Methyl Bromide is a common fumigant, widely used for fumigation of stored products and quarantine treatments. It is a broad spectrum fumigant used against a wide variety of pests including spiders, mites, fungi, plants, insects, nematodes, and rodents. Application for methyl bromide primarily are for pre-shipment fumigation and quarantine treatment to kill nematodes, fungi, and weeds. Pesticide applicators also use methyl bromide to treat perishable commodities and buildings. Methyl Bromide is the best fumigant available so far due to its ovicidal properties. It’s the only known ovicidal (kills even the egg stage of insects) fumigant.

It is in gaseous form and has an excellent penetrating power. It kills broad spectrum of pest compared to any other fumigants. Moreover, it doesn’t make the pest resistant to the chemical which happens incase of prolong use of any other fumigant. Methyl bromide is produced naturally and synthetically. The major sources in the environment are the oceans, biomass burning, and fumigation use.

The primary use of methyl bromide is for fumigation of food commodities (e.g., grains); and in storage facilities (such as mills, warehouses, vaults, ships, and freight cars) to control insects and rodents.

Products Type:

Inbrom 100:

It consists of 100 % Methyl Bromide

Inbrom 98:

It is a formulated product consisting of 98% Methyl Bromide and 2% Chloropicrin (warning agent)



20 Kg / 50 Kg / 100 Kg


1 Lbs Can / 1.5 Lbs Cans